Welcome to Facebook my dear Watson

Those are words that so many of us see each and every single day. It is almost eery that we cannot stand for the site to be down for very long or we just go insane!! Whats Jane doing? Holy crap John got a speeding ticket OH NO! The harder part to understand is just how insidious that site is. The sadder part is that I am a user of that site... but not for the reasons that most people are.

A few years ago, my college group went to Germany and we like every other person going abroad for the first time, had high hopes, much ambition, and many many MANY pictures when we got back stateside. Like many people I was looking for a means or an easier way to share these images with only a few select people. Photobucket was still in it's infancy, and in order to get all of the pictures up I would have needed a paid account (which I was most certainly NOT going to do). So, the allure of Facebook came to mind, but was pushed aside, until I was forced to sign up... yes I had a fist to my face saying I had to sign up.... didn't we all when we pressed the "accept" button??

In the end I signed up, uploaded all of my pictures, and over time went to Myspace... (backwards right?) Yes. I know what you are thinking, how can I call myself a IT guy if I didn't use Myspace in high school or Facebook when I "grew up" aka high school graduation? Guess what, easy answer too. I didn't care, I was too enthralled with Command and Conquer on my home built custom PC or updating my Acer with the latest system updates all the while trying to convince them to repair the machine or get sued.

Here is one more kicker... it took me years to join the "book" but I still haven't seen the movie about it either, nor will I for years ha ha ha! 

Editors note: it's 2020 I still haven't seen the movie =D


  1. Great beginnings! I too light old and new technology. The old got us here and this too will be looked back upon as old.
    Technology’s rapid evolution is forcing a synthesis of the old and the new as well as the opposing tech forces.
    Never say never.


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