Strange questions- merging old tech and new tech into one harmonious network

As I am sure most of the readers know, networking Windows 7 Home Basic, 98 SE, XP SP3 and OSX Leopard into one harmonious network can be a little tricky. Now add to the question that the old 98SE doesn't understand some of the modern security protocols that are used to setup a secure home network and you find yourself in a little problem. Even then there are some protocols that OSX will not pick up when you attempted to log into the network.

I know I am not using the term protocols in the more conventional fashion, but the term from a basic POV fits. Generally an open network with WEP security works... generally. But when you are attempting to get an 98 SE laptop with an attached wireless card to pick up the chosen network you may run into a problem. Like most people, I assumed that the wireless card had software that was to be installed, and there was. However, this software by far and large was TOTALLY useless. 98 SE didn't like the wireless, and the best way I was able to convince it to see the wireless in the networking options was to ask it to join a network. At least here I was able to configure a new network adapter that worked for a short while. 


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