Technology of the future...

CES (Consumer Electronic Show), Comdex (Computer Dealers Expo), to many the former is more familiar than the latter, however for a number of years Comdex was the premier trade show in the world, usually only second to CeBit which was in Deutschland (Germany). A number of years ago I was privy to a honor bestowed upon me by my store, they sent me to Comdex with a ticket to the keynote speech by Mr. Gates. Back then you had to have tickets for only one Keynote speech; his. So as the case was, it was an extremely exciting night, they presented the future of Microsoft, about the next innovation... the Xbox... man I can't wait to see what the future of the gaming work would be is what I thought at the time. I guess time will tell but at the present I can't even fathom will we be doing virtual reality type of stuff like the old Nintendo Virtual boy? but better? 

Just a quick thought for the day... sometimes it's good to look back on your past thoughts and experiences and see if the journey went the way you thought it would! Note: my trip to the fall Comdex was in 2002


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