Adventures in Linux...

So few people know how much I have yet to learn about Linux, in any form.

A common thing taught in many Introduction to Linux classes is that the Mac OS is eventually a Linux Distro that is not open source nor free to download. Granted that all Linux and Unix systems share a common history, there are some major differences. Now I'm not going to suggest that you go and jump on a bandwagon for one side or the other... Just take into account some issues that can arise if you fail to recognize the difference between the two.

But first, lets get some common information out in the open, and in an effort to save some time, and thereby save your eyes from reading... watch this video...

Granted the video is a little dated it does give an amazing overview of the history of the "little known OS". Windows is as synonymous to PCs as the BigMac is to fast food... but like with many things there are different flavors. What flavor you choose is entirely up to personal preference. As I am writing this I am typing on a Windows 7 Ultimate machine with a Linux server on next to it while downloading software updates on my Mac Book Pro. Take a flavor... but don't overlook the others because they are "too difficult to use/learn". 

That was a lesson that I learned the hard way... and finally I'm catching up, but yet I'm still well behind the curve on Shell Scripting etc, let alone programming. If you truly are aspiring to enter this field, it would be good for you to learn about Linux at least in some fashion. 


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