Welcome letter...

Welcome to the "Technology Adventures with Tim" blog. You might be asking yourself why am I following this random youtuber and his blogger... Lets see if I can give you a few convincing reasons. 

1) I like old and new technology. One of my pass times is tinkering with old technology and finding unique (by today's standards) ways to incorporate it into my everyday life. 

2) Technology is intriguing, yet concerning. Yeah I said it. I'm an IT guy by day and technology itself is super intriguing (shocker right?) however.... you might be surprised when I said concerning. Here is why I say that. In my view, we are so fast to adopt new technology without understanding the ramifications of that technology (Internet of Things anyone??) BUT... we can overcome that concern in our own lives by understanding that technology. 

3) I like sharing cool things I discover, or tips and tricks that I've learned over the years. I mean, knowledge is great, but I personally like sharing and learning with others. 

4) Because you secretly like technology and how it's made our lives a lot better. I mean, truthfully it has. If you live in the United States like I do, odds are pretty good you are impacted by technology at least once everyday. In the suburbs and cities, we have technology controlling our water, gas, electricity etc... if you live in rural areas, technology has changed in the sense that you more than likely can keep foods longer than if it was the early 1900s. 

5) Technology isn't just computers and electronics. Yep, it is a lot of things. From mechanical engineering feats to chemical, electrical to food prep and water sanitization. Technology is everywhere. At the end of the day, it's simply a tool that we as humans have either developed or leveraged to make our lives better or to suit our purposes.

So that was a long winded few bullet points, but if you made it this far, I will promise you one thing. I believe you will develop a sense of understanding of how things have advanced to where we are now from where we were. Even a simple understanding can drastically change your perspective of how things work. 

Until next time....



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