Gaming Technology - overview

Gaming technology has changed a lot in a short period of time. 

Legitimately in the course of 30-40 years we have gone from essentially Pong type of games, to full on worlds of wonder like Destiny and Fallout. 

As a child, I was given a Sega Genesis and a Nintendo Gameboy the Christmas my father died. This was my entry into gaming of any real sort. Now... we have PS4s that can do amazing feats. Nintendo Switches that can emulate GameBoy games with ease, or if you are daring you can emulate them on your phones etc. 

I have interesting stories to add to this, and will... including photos if I can find them. But the next time you are going to town on your PS4, XB1, Switch, or even mobile gaming or PC gaming.... just think back to when you first started gaming... I'm sure a lot has changed. 


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