Neewer NW-700 Microphone

 Neewer NW-700 Microphone combo kit the review

So as with most things, Youtube is not so great as a creator if you don't have a better microphone than what is built into your screen. I suppose with smartphones they might be just fine, but on say, an older iMac it leaves some to be desired. 

This kit is by no means a professional kit with professional equipment. However, the kit itself is a great starting point, and for my abilities to determine at this time, the mic works surprisingly well. The mount itself is not insanely sturdy, but it's enough to hold the mic in a position that I set. The "pop" guard works pretty well although I honestly can't tell a huge difference between using it and / or just the mic wind foam cover.  

Another thing about this specific kit is that the amplifier box it comes with is USB powered. Yes... there is a noticeable difference with the mic not being used with that amp. There is a version with a standard plug for the AC mains if you so desire. I just wanted something that if need be I could take into the field. 

Oh, and the mic itself sits in a mount that has a shock absorber framework of sorts. It works pretty well actually. For the kit being right near 40 bucks, I mean, you really can't go wrong if you are just starting out  with youtube or twitch, or want better audio for Skype, Zoom, Facetime etc. 




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