Two Buckets...


What exactly is a "2 bucket car wash"? HINT: it's not kids randomly tossing two buckets on your car as seen above ;)

Well... I'll try to explain. 

First... you need 2 buckets (what a concept right?) and you need some quality product to use to get the shine you need and desire. Chemical Guys is my GO TO, but Mothers and Meguiars are a close second, Jay Leno has a really good line too... anyhow I digress. 

On second thought... I'm going to let the man who taught me this system explain it in his own words... - Justin owner of Organ Mountain Detailing

T.A: So Justin I know you are busy detailing, but can you briefly explain the 2 bucket system, and why you need 2 buckets? Thanks... 

O.M.D: Yes, one bucket will have your soap water in it. The other will have only water in it. You will dip your wash mitt in the soap water bucket wash one panel on your vehicle then stick that meant wash mitt in the rinse bucket take it out, put it back in the soap bucket wash another panel on your car. Then rinse the wash mitt again go back to the soap bucket and continue on that way.

I couldn't have explained it better myself. The system we use (that he taught me) is as follows... you will need 2 buckets with this grates at the bottom, to allow for the dirt and nasty stuff to sink and not get back onto your mitt. 

Add in your choice of soap into one bucket, and go to town. Do not use the same mitt on the lower half of the car. One should always be for the lower half of the car (I use a different color mitt) and one for the top part only (roof/hood/Boot(or Trunk) lid etc). I go to about my door handles with this one then switch. For wheels you may need to use a brush (but not one so stiff bristled to scratch the wheels) to get the gunk off. 

For the love of your car.... NEVER go to an automated carwash... and if you go to one of the DIY ones, NEVER use the brush.... you will scratch the paint/clear coat and over time, you will regret it. 

There are a lot of aspects for car upkeep and they can't all be covered under this one post... more to come... including a more in depth interview with Justin and Organ Mountain Detailing. 

For now, you can found OMD on Facebook at the following link: Organ Mountain Detailing


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