Why you never cheap out on IT warranties...

Featuring Dell, HP, Acer, Apple and for good measure....IBm... er... Lenovo.

Lots of folks buy computers and don't realize the reason why IT folks push hard for extended warranties. Simply put, it gives us the ability in most cases, to request the manufacture to send parts to fix your system. This is true for desktops and laptops. Tablets, the warranty more or less acts like a method for you to get it replaced (it's normally cheaper for the vendor to replace it than fix the issue). There is only one thing worse... when your warranty runs out, it will be hard... and expensive in a lot of cases to get your tech back in a working state.  

If you buy an Apple product... GET AppleCare. I can't stress this enough, it will maybe save you some money in the long run. Plus, it usually has some goodies in it like extended phone support thru the life of the warranty. Apple support is generally US based. 

Dell: GET Pro Support Plus (herein PSP). Don't do Pro Support or Premier Support. As a tech... I can't stress enough the differences between these warranty levels. Basic, you will deal solely with off shore support. You have to FIGHT to get parts. With PSP you get state side support, and a tech that will speak tech to a tech... 9 times out of 10, I've been able to get parts to fix a system without having to jump thru seemingly endless hoops which in turn means my client is able to get their system back, faster. Does it cost more? yes. Is it worth every single cent. YES. 

Acer... god help you. I have had nothing but bad experiences with them. To the point I had to threaten legal action after a system was sent in 3 times and sent back to me 3 times without the issue being addressed. 

HP... This is a toss up. I'm not entirely sure what their equivalent of Dell PSP is, but I'd highly encourage it. Basic support with HP is hit and miss. I'm not a fan personally of HP so I am a little biased, but for the most part, their support is good. The on site support from HP is hands down better than others. The techs they send are actual HP employees. Others (Dell) tend to contract this out. 

IBM/Lenovo... I thought Acer was bad... Try having a system that was bought from IBM, but then IBM sold that division to Lenovo... Neither hand knows who is responsible for fixing the system. Expect headaches. As for straight from Lenovo warranty, I've been told it's not bad. I'm leery of their systems for other reasons, but for the most part, they seem to work fine for many businesses and average users. 

 Hopefully this quick blurb is helpful. Show your local computer technician that you care, and MAKE SURE YOU GET THE WARRANTY! =D


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