A rundown of the "Tools I use" links


Tools... We all have some that we rely on for various things. What you see on the left hand side (if you are seeing this from a computer screen) are things I use, and aren't meant as an endorsement etc. Since a couple of them are investing things, note: I'm not a financial advisor, and won't offer advice. 

Webull: a popular platform for investing. I switched to it from Robinhood after the issues earlier in January (2021). 

Robinhood: a popular platform for investing: I leave a link to it, mostly because it may be useful to some folks.

Online Photo Editor: Pretty self explanatory, is it perfect? nope. Will it do some basic stuff easier than installing specialized software? Yes. 

Free stock images: This is Pixabay. It's what the vast majority of the images you see here are from. A couple (pretty obvious ones that aren't "professional") are ones I took. 

Domains: If you want a website, and you don't want to pay crazy prices for the domain... Google Domains is fantastic. 

Spiceworks: This is kind of a go to for most techs I know. Think of Facebook, but really meant only for computer techs. I use this a lot when I am stumped on a repair. 

Ninite: A great free tool for doing mass installs/updates of common software packages. They have a paid for service as well that is worth investigation should you need it for more of an enterprise wide deployment. 

ProtonMail/VPN: A great tool if you want a good VPN or Encrypted email service. They have free options, but the paid for ones help keep the service going. 

Wayback Machine: This has been super handy. If you see something online and want to make sure that a copy of it is accessible later for research etc, use this site. It's part of Archive.org. 


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