First cell phone...

Most of us these days don't think much about how vital cell phones have become to our daily lives. I vividly remember my first phone... well, more so the phone plans. I was 13, and my "boss" at the computer store I was moonlighting at as an intern (basically, it was an apprenticeship with a family friend that was willing to give me vital experience with computers and their repair etc). He got tired of me calling his cell phone from my home phone. Mostly as at the time, it was common for you to pick a plan with a set number of minutes and set number of text messages per month. Usually 100-200 a month give or take. 

So he came to me with a proposal. He would get me a company cell phone with limited minutes and texts (it was like 50 minutes a month and 50 texts I think). The reason was, with voice stream (now T-Mobile) it was free calls from VS to VS phones. This made it that when I called from mine to his, it didn't cost or use the minutes on the plan. It was brilliant. A basic Nokia phone with absolutely no bells or whistles, but it had SNAKE! LOL!

This wasn't my first experience with a cell phone however, my grandmother had one of the first "practical" Motorolas from the mid 90s. It had I believe a 50 minute plan, and cost like 130 a month. No texting, nothing special besides the ability to store 15 (give or take) numbers in it's phone book. It also had a telescoping antenna. 

Nowadays, we either have an unlimited data, voice and text, or a set data plan with unlimited voice and texts. But to think... we used to care about minutes, not gigabytes!!! 

I'd be curious what your first experience with your own cell phone was, please comment below!


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