A short list of questions that I would have if I was seeing this page for the first time...

1) WHY is this a Blogger site and not "a real webpage". 

    That's easy. It was free. No hosting costs. No super hard things to worry about with Word Press etc. For now, it's the best solution I can find that fits me. Also, the connection to Google Domains is insanely simple. 

2) Just who is this "Jaden, the Warlock"?

    So, Jaden is my online gaming persona. Rather one of them. But specifically, Jaden is my character in Destiny 1 & 2. The class I run 99% of the time is... Warlock. So, Jaden, the Warlock as a youtube channel was born. The really sad part is, until recently, I didn't really have a way to edit game play footage. I have a LOT that I had to unlist because it's raw gameplay footage. The goal is to be able to go back, edit those and add my own audio onto the videos so I can post them publicly and be within Bungie's ToS. 

3) Who is Tim?

    Best answered as a meme.... =)

4) Star Trek or Star Wars? Ford or Chevy? PC or Mac? Coke or Pepsi?
    Folks... I get that is something a lot of people ask. So.... Both, Ford (usually), Mac (usually, but I use (1) and manage a fair share of PCs daily for work), eh.... diet?



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